Highfield House

The Highfield House was originally a square box built pre 1950s in art deco style. Since then a lot has changed, two bathrooms were added to each end and further dwellings had been tacked onto each side. Both the interior and exterior were tired, dark and in need of a facelift. The living/kitchen/dining was separated, the 4 bedrooms were very small. The client brief was to create a light, open and contemporary beach shack.  

The main challenges we faced were how to optimise the space while staying within the existing building envelope, how to utilise the existing structure to keep the build simple and the need to fireproof against the neighbouring properties. 

This once small, dark unit has now been completely transformed into a contemporary beach house almost entirely within the same envelope.

The cladding was removed and replaced with white weatherboards, a coastal classic. The walls surrounding the entry porch were removed and replaced by light filtering screens creating a more dramatic entryway. The interior was opened up to create an open plan kitchen/living space and one bedroom was extended into the back patio to allow enough space for three good sized bedrooms with an ensuite for the master. 

The overall feel of the new house is light and inviting with a coastal feel to reflect its location. 

Review from Mark Highfield

“This was the first time we have worked with AAA, and hopefully, it won’t be the last. AAA was a pleasure to deal with from the original brief meeting to the final day of the project. Sally at AAA creates confidence and control throughout the project during what can be a stressful time as we progressed through different stages of the renovation.

AAA created a house that I could not have imagined, without the help of Sally, they fully understood our goals and aims for the project and also were very aware of our budget. I was overseas for 95% of the project and AAA did an excellent job in controlling everything and making sure we hit the deadlines needed. AAA had such a good hands-on approach with you, always looking to help in every way possible and their choice of builders is very important as well, they ensure they use the best talent.  Sally is always looking for the positive in every situation I found during the build, which I thought was a great view on life.”

Before and After

Finished Project