New Builds

Design your dream home from the ground up

The dream of most is to own their own slice of paradise. A place for the kids to grow up, to entertain friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Why not take it a step further and build the home of your dreams, with each element thought out and every thing you love all put into a beautiful home you can call your own.

Here at Aurisch Avenue Architecture, we can help this dream become a reality. 

Getting to know you

At Aurisch Avenue Architecture, Sally believes that a true dream home, one that really has your personality and soul in every fitting, can only become a reality after first understanding what makes your heart sing. 

We begin your journey with a get together over coffee to find out who you are and what you are looking for in your home. The colours, the garden, the layout, and the feel. 

Only once we believe we are truly on the same page as you, and working towards a common goal will we begin the design phase.

making the dream visible

Then we get to work on bringing your dream to life. We begin with a design and initial layout for you to approve with regular meetings, phone calls and questions allowing us to be sure we are still aligned with your final vision along every step of the journey, this is to make sure the final outcome is what you want.

This design phase can consist of architectural plan, 3D perspective drawings, sketch’s, digital 3D rendering and even a strategy on how to navigate the local council requirements.

At the end of this phase you will have a clear and accurate indication of what your dream home will look like. This clarity will make you feel confident and prepared to make a start on construction.

Final product

Now it’s time to put it all together. Armed with plans and drawings that clearly show what you are building, and the confidence that your architect is on the same page, it will allow for the smoothest possible journey to a completed home.

Feel confident with our experience on your side to ensure that your dream home becomes a reality, in the same form that it was in your mind.

A new home, with a piece of you and your family in every detail. Get in touch with us today to design your dream home.

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