"The best house for you can only be created after discovering who you are" - Sally

Take a moment to imagine walking into the house of your dreams.

The light is entering the full-length glass doors perfectly,  making your lounge area feel warm and inviting.

The ocean can be seen over the back patio where the children are playing in the garden, while you and your partner enjoy a glass of red as the sun sets, wrapping your home in a warm orange glow. 

This is more than just a house.

This is your dream home. 

Hi I am Sally, and this is the vision that gets me up in the morning to passionately devote my days to designing homes for my clients that they will enjoy and cherish forever.

I would love to meet you, and see where we can help bring your architectural dreams to life.

our story:

Sally grew up in Taupo but moved to Mt Maunganui 10 years ago to start her Architectural career. After a few years in France, designing chalets in the Alps, she moved back to the stunning New Zealand coastline to renovate her home and help others on their journey to do the same.
I know that this industry is in need of a boutique architectural design company that doesn’t just put you through the machine for a profit and another notch on their portfolio awards wall. 

Here, at Aurisch Avenue Architecture, we put you and your desires first. We take time to get to know you, to become a valuable team member on your journey. A friend. A confidant and someone who is genuinely working towards a common goal. 
We understand that building a home, renovating, trying to visualise and articulate your dream can be overwhelming, let alone the financial investment and council restrictions. So we are dedicated to maintaining clear and helpful communication throughout our process to make sure it is as pain free as possible. 

Feel free to reach out and say hi, we pride ourselves on being approachable, friendly and helpful.